11 Inspiring Quotes from the World’s Best Writers


The last time we had a guest post from Laura Pepper Wu (11 Signs You’re Meant To Be A Writer), things went a bit nuts, with her post getting nearly 100 comments and being shared nearly 200 and over 400 times on Twitter and Facebook respectively. Today she’s back to share news of her new app, Write On! Daily Kick-Ass Writing Inspiration: 365 Tips & Quotes from the World’s Best Writers, and 11 of her favorite such quotes for those self-doubt-filled, motivation-lacking, no-amount-of-coffee-can-get-this-going bad writing days. Welcome back, Laura!

‘Having a bad writing day? Read (and bookmark!) these 11 quotes.

We all have ‘em once in while – awful, dragging, low writing-motivation days. The last thing you want to do is open up that folder on your computer, the one marked ‘WIP’.

You're a writer

Sometimes it helps to know you’re not alone (you’re definitely not), and that this too…

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My first post


I started this blog because I literally had nothing to do so naturally I thought of blogging. This blog is designed just for me so if you’re not me go away and stop reading now.

You little rebel, I like you. So I’m just going to be posting things like the books I’ve read their review and rating and if you haven’t guessed yet, yes I’m a wannabe author ( I prefer the term aspiring) so  that means a load of writing advice and me journaling my progress. I am in search of a critique partner and if the shoe fits that might be you cinderella. I’m will be more than happy to hear from anyone on what books to read ( I read a maximum of 4-7 books a month, don’t judge I read slow) and if your also looking for a critique parter maybe we can exchange parts of our manuscripts, but please no Debby Downers or all rainbows and sunshine with me cause  that crap doesn’t go well with my outfit. I hope you enjoy reading my virtual diary.

lots of love

-Mariah Jade Holmes